Audit Committee


Description: The Audit Committee annually reviews the financial records and support documents of the FLTWS Secretary and Treasurer.
Chair: Alexis Cardas
Contact Info:


Awards Committee

Description: The Awards Committee annually solicits and receives nominations from the FLTWS membership for the Chapter’s awards.  The Committee subsequently reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Board as to what recognitions should be awarded.
Chair: Tim O’Meara
Contact Info: (850) 656-3002


Certification Committee

Description:   The Certification Committee maintains a record of the current certification status of the Chapter’s membership.  Their purpose is to encourage and facilitate the certification/re-certification of Chapter members.  To this end, committee members provide assistance to FLTWS and Student Chapter members who are preparing and submitting their AWB/CWB certification application, as well as to current AWBs and CWBs who are maintaining their certification by meeting TWS’s continuing education requirements.  Additionally, the Certification Committee seeks out opportunities to help Chapter members meet the educational requirements to become certified, and continuing education opportunities to help certified Chapter members maintain their certification.
Chair: Brigham Mason
Contact Info:

Conservation Committee


Description:   The Conservation Committee reviews legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments and impact statements, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat in Florida.   We then make recommendations to the Executive Board for any action that should be taken by the Florida Chapter.  This committee is looking for 2 members who are willing to write comment letters on conservation issues.  If you would like to serve on this committee please contact the chair.  
Chair: Becky Bolt
Contact Info:

Education and Information Committee

Jen Headshot.jpg

Description:   The Education and Information Committee seeks and employs methods of informing the public of basic concepts of wildlife management and of Chapter, Section, and Society activities and interests through a periodic newsletter, website, and social media.
Chair: Jennifer Korn
Contact Info: (813) 417-6165

Fund Raising Committee

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Description:   The Fund Raising Committee is responsible for soliciting sponsorship for Florida Chapter events and meetings, and maintaining and updating sponsorship contact information.  It also seeks funding sources for building and maintaining the Chapter’s Endowment Fund and other special accounts.   The Fund Raising Committee is always looking for new members because the bigger the committee, the greater the scope of contact with potential sponsors.  If you would like to participate on this committee, please contact either chair. 
Co-Chairs: Larry Perrin and Mark Ausley
Contact Info: Larry- (850) 926-5077   Mark- (407) 760-9157
Email - Larry    Email - Mark

Membership Committee

Description: The Membership Committee is responsible for managing current members and increasing membership.  We maintain the database of all past and current members and send out renewal reminders.  When a new member joins it is our responsibility to welcome the new member, familiarize him/her with the chapter, and offer opportunities to become involved in the chapter.  Retaining existing members is also a priority, so we conduct periodic surveys to evaluate member satisfaction.  Currently there are 2 openings on the Membership Committee.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact either chair.
Co-chairs: Jodi Slater
Contact Info: Jodi- (386) 329-4536

Nominating and Elections Committee

Description:   The Nominating and Elections Committee consists of three members selected by the Executive Board.  Elections are held every two years, and committee members are responsible for preparing a slate of two candidates from the Chapter membership for each of the elective positions:  President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative to the Southeastern Section, and two Members-at-Large. If you are interested in getting involved in this committee OR are interested in running for a board position, please contact the Committee Chair at
For more information about these elected positions click here.

Chair: Erin P. Myers

Program Committee

Description: The Program Committee plans the annual Fall and Spring Meetings. The committee is overseen by the President-Elect, who sets the theme, invites speakers,and plans symposiums, field-trips and workshops. The Program Chair leads the committee in proposing several possible locations for each meeting, which is selected by the Executive Board. The committee then works with a planner to choose a suitable venue, dates, menu, social events, entertainment, and negotiate a contract with the selected site. The Chair coordinates with the Website, Membership, Education, Awards, Student Chapter and Fundraising committees to announce and promote the meeting, including printing the program. Committee members handle all onsite meeting needs including registration, merchandise, A/V management, food and entertainment, poster session, field-trip or workshop logistics, speaker needs, banquet agenda, and student rooms.  We would enthusiastically welcome new Program Committee members!
Chair: Monica Folk
Contact Info: (407)-870-8603

Scholarship Committee


Description: The Scholarship Committee awards the Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships, which are presented each year at the Spring Meeting. The Chair issues the announcements in the Fall to all Florida schools with Wildlife programs; applications are due in early December. The Chair processes the applications, ensures they meet the requirements, and distributes them to committee members. Committee members review and rank the applications according to established criteria and return their results to the Chair by February 1. The Chair reviews the selection and notifies the Executive Board of the results. The award recipients are notified and a press release is issued. The Chair presents the awards in the form of a check to the recipients at the Spring Meeting, usually in April.
Chair: Monica Folk
Contact Info: 407-870-8603

Website Committee

Description: Making the website.
Chair: Mike Milleson
Contact Info: (352) 281-8476