The Herbert W. Kale, II Award

The Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society is seeking nominations for the Herbert W. Kale, II Award. The Herbert W. Kale, II Award was created in 1996 to recognize individuals who have demonstrated an ability to balance effective wildlife advocacy with the practice of wildlife biology and who have made a significant contribution to the conservation of Florida's natural resources. Florida has a distinguished history as home to many outspoken environmental advocates who also were renowned wildlife professionals. Herbert W. Kale, II exemplified these dual qualities during a career that spanned four decades in Florida. The person considered for this award does not have to be a member of the Florida or parent chapter of The Wildlife Society. The recipient must display an ability to effectively communicate on both a technical and popular level. The recipient must bring a multi-dimensional approach to Florida environmental and wildlife issues.


To submit a nomination, please visit our nomination submission form HERE.

Nominations will be accepted each year, but an award may not be conferred annually. Nominations received by December 1 will be considered by the Awards Committee and the Executive Board of the Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society during its regularly scheduled Winter Board Meeting. The Awards Committee and Executive Board, acting as the Selection Committee, may confer a maximum of one award per year, to be presented at the Spring Conference. Nominations will not be carried over from one year to the next, but may be resubmitted for consideration. The recipient will receive a decorative plaque from the Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and lifetime honorary membership to the Chapter.


1998: Dr. Larry D. Harris

2000: Dr. William B. Robertson, Jr.

2005: Dr. Ronald F. Labisky

2006: Mr. James A. Stevenson

2007: Mr. Manley K. Fuller

2009: Dr. David S. Maehr

2011: Mr. James A. Cox

2012: Mr. John Ogden

2017: Dr. H. Franklin Percival

2019: Dr. George Tanner